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I fought the idea of having security for a very long time, because I really value normalcy. I really do. I like to be able to take a drive by myself. Haven’t done that in six years. (Even in Tennessee?- Interviewer) No, they have to be in a car behind me. Because just the sheer number of men we have in a file who have showed up at my house, showed up to my mom’s house, threatened to either kill me, kidnap me, or marry me. This is the strange and sad part of my life that I try not to think about. I try to be lighthearted about it, because I don’t ever want to be scared. I don’t want to be walking down the street scared. And when I have security, I don’t have to be scared.
Taylor Swift on having security (x)
I didn’t exchange any bodily fluids with anyone, so I’m not worried about it. I’m much more likely to be mistakenly killed by a police officer in this country than to be killed by Ebola, even if you were in the same bridal shop.




"you wear that a lot" yes that is because i, a proud owner of a washing machine,

Did you forget to finish this sentence or

it was completely intentional because i, a cool and relatable blogger,

i got the job,holy shit i got the job. it’s just a two weeks halfday thing but..!!!


Hate doesn’t breed hate. Hate inspires anger in victims of hatred and that anger is called hatred to delegitimize it and villainize people. If you wanna help people who are victims then first you gotta stop acting like they’re just as bad their oppressors and abusers.


Artesanías en Queretaro, Queretaro. México


Artesanías en Queretaro, Queretaro. México

i have a job interview today (YAY FINALLY) but my anxiety is acting up


Timeless Black and White’s - ELIE SAAB Ready-to-Wear Spring Summer 2015

I’m 26, and that’s not old for what I’m doing, but it’s not young either—there has been this whole idea for a few years that to be a female artist you have to be like 21, but I don’t really feel like that. I feel like I know exactly what I want, and no one can tell me to do anything I don’t want to do or pose in a way I don’t like or make a song or write something I don’t want to. I guess I got to the point where it’s all me, and only I am to blame, and that feels really great. And if something goes wrong, I am to blame as well—it was my stupid decision, you know what I mean? It feels great! To know that everything is of yourself. Every single decision that I’ve made to become the artist that I’ve become is because I really know what I want, I’m really ambitious, and I really want to be in charge of everything creatively.


earlier today i was thinking about the thousands of girls who post videos on youtube reviewing makeup and talking about their fav products and making tutorials and how no girl has ever once done it just to impress men like literally that whole community exists just for girls because it’s something that so many of us enjoy and yet men still think that we wear makeup for them